This is our family–Collin, a wonderful husband and father, is the part-time youth director at our church here in Fairbanks.  He is also the assistant program director at Camp Li-Wa and he also as the opportunity to head up the Wilderness program that is offered at Camp Li-Wa.  Samantha has the privilege to be a stay-at-home mom to their daughter Savannah Rae.   We both love the outdoors and enjoying the beauty God has created.  Collin enjoys anything to do with big rigs, and Samantha enjoys crocheting and baking.

We love the life that God has given us.  Although it can be busy/stressful, it’s our life, and we have been blessed by God through it.  In all that we do and in all that we say, we seek to honor God with this life.  We trust Him daily for His provision upon our life and our needs.  God is ever and always faithful and we cling to that precious promise.

Trusting the LORD, seeking His will and following his path,

Collin, Samantha and Savannah Amick




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