Family Time


The middle of November my parents came for a 2 weeks visit. My Mom had been up shortly after Savannah was born (while she was still in the NICU) to help us move and adjust to life as new parents while having to leave our sweet girl at the NICU.  However, this was my Dad’s first time meeting his grand-daughter. My brother was also able to come for fives days and meet his niece for the first time.  We had a wonderful time, not doing much outside, due to the -30 and -40 degree weather.  They were able to get in ALOT of cuddle time with Savannah (and our dog, Jack, who seemed to squeeze in his cuddle time too!) They were here over Thanksgiving and Mom and I prepared a yummy meal for us…man, having a bigger kitchen to cook in was SO wonderful! (Pictures of “new” house soon to come!) We had a great time, oooing and aahhing over Savannah, and spending special family time together.

The Moss/Amick family all together

Cuddling with Uncle Brad

Two weeks later, Collin’s family (parents and sister) came for a 2 week visit! We had a wonderful time with them as well.  Now, all three of them can officially say that they have experienced a white Christmas! Being from South Carolina, the weather up here (usually -15 or colder while they were here) was a big change for them! They were all troopers and handled in wonderfully! We were able to purchase them some nice heavy parkas, so they were well prepared.  We had a wonderful Christmas with them, celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and also celebrating Savannah turning 3 months old on Christmas day! This was the first time the three of them met Savannah, so needless to say, Savannah, once again, got tons of cuddle time in!

The Amick Family

Cuddling with Aunt Cami


We are so thankful we got to have family visit for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We are also so grateful for our sweet daughter, Savannah Rae.  There is just something about having a baby around during the holidays surrounded by family. Special times.

As we look forward to what the new year of 2012 will bring, we cling tight to the promise that God is faithful and He ALWAYS will be.  Thank you, LORD, for the precious gift of family.


Sam (for Collin and Savannah too)



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